"All my life , being a singer was the most important thing in the world . Now you’re all I want

-Frank Sinatra About Ava Gardner

"I was still as happy as Larry traveling with the band, hanging out with Artie and his literary pals. Guys like Sid Perelman, Bill Saroyan, John O’Hara. They were all bright, funny, interesting guys.
Artie said all I had to do was keep my mouth shut, sit at their feet, and absorb their wit and wisdom. I was happy to do that. I was comfortable with all those guys. But if I kicked off my shoes and curled my feet up on the couch, he’d go bananas. ‘You’re not in the fucking tobacco fields now,’ he’d scream. He had a real phobia about me and tobacco fields.” — Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations.

Richard Burton, Claudia Cardinale and Elizabeth Taylor toast at a party at Vendramin Calergi Palace during the 28th Venice Film Festival, September 1967.

Elizabeth Taylor photographed by Eve Arnold, 1963